Ceramic Knife Pen By Slice

Slice brings in a new pen knife that includes ceramic replacement blade. A knife pen is basically used for cutting or sharpening or to make a pen nib. Knife pen is auto retractable pen style cutter that comes in ready with ceramic knives, pen knives.

The pocket knife pen is designed with high tech double sided ceramic blade to reduce injuries with a safe rounded tip. Thicker blades with rounded edges are safer to handle and use. This tool cuts a variety of materials easily and quickly. This is an auto retractable pen style cutter that does not rust, hence the feature makes it durable and strong. These replaceable blades have a certain measure that makes it a perfect office tool that must be a handy to provide help during official or other usage. This pen knife is user friendly and its small size helps in carrying it easily inside pockets as well. Its blades are non conductive and anti magnetic that saves fro harmful elements reacting to it.


  • Auto retractable pen style cutter
  • Patented handle with rubberised slider button
  • Non conductive, anti magnetic blade
  • Non rust, chemically inert blade
  • Includes one double sided ceramic blade
  • Rreversible and replaceable blades available
  • Measures (5.3" Length * 0.75" diameter)



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